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Allan Amato : Photoset

February 10, 2016

 Holy Fucking Shit. Thank you Allan Amato for shooting me for this epic series. I honestly don't really know TOO much about it but I can tell you that it's called the SLIP Series and it's weird and dark but still beautiful and sexy but still kinda creepy. 


  I met Allan when my dear friend Skin Diamond hit me up to pose as a model for her friend Angela's clothing line, Zef 2 Death. I was so down and it went fucking awesome. We shot some fun video roll on a rooftop of a neighboring building and then in the apartment where I grabbed a bottle of whiskey, took a shot and the bottle with me to the couch where I started jumping and playing around.  It was awesome, I have yet to see that footage but I will post it when I do finally get it. Either way afterwards we headed to Allan's studio to shoot the promo photo's for Angela's clothes, which is where I got introduced to him.


  Allan's studio is tucked away downtown where you're expect to find an artist/photographer/creative expressor of the sort. Now I haven't gotten the full tour of his place but from what I've scene it's epic. First off he has like 6 cats, so I'm biased as fuck and am automatically in heaven.  Every direction you turn your head your meeting a new cat. I fucking loved it. It was such a cool place and he had this homemade jungle gym thing. It was incredible, plus he's got all this insane art on the walls that you can't help but find your eyes wandering towards.


  I'm assuming Allan really enjoyed what we did for Zef 2 Death because he hit me up not too long after to do some other project of his own.  I was obviously down because I have 1) worked with him in the past and 2) I've seen his work and his shots are so different, he challanges his subjects and you can see it though the image and that's the kind of photographer I wanna shoot with. Someone who's going to ask me to do weird things with my body and put myself in these awkward positions but when I see the image, it doesn't look quite as strange. Alan knows how to capture this beauty he pulls out of you.  It may have been from the bottle of whiskey we finished together and hour we spent talking before either of us mentioned a thing about what we were shooting that day.


  He's a really cool guy who shared with me a couple of his upcoming projects like this one he's doing about creativity. It's called "Temple Of Art: The Documentary" and you can check out the trailer! Keep a look out for some very cool projects he's got in his pockets and in the mean time enjoy these shots that he sent to me from our collabe from his series called SLIP.


Allan Amato - AllanAmato.com

Twitter - @allanamato

Instagram - @allanamato   









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